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Getting to the perfect

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Mama and Me

"Austin, why aren't you eating. You haven't had anything to eat all day"
"I know mom. I'm just not hungry."
"You've lost a lot of weight. I'm worried for you. I think you have anorexia"
"... Mom, seriously? Yea mom... I'm anorexic(I really am)"
"Don't joke"
"Mom, I don't have anorexia... I'm just trying to get... AnorSexia!"

We both just laughed it off... What I really wanted to tell her was the truth... I kinda did though... Right?

Day one fast over

I just went to applebee's for a date and ate NOTHING!!
they were out of Diet pepsi, so i just had a water
and now the laxies are starting to take effect, it's good I guess... im gonna weigh myself again in 2 minutes when I get off the toilet
ok, here goes

20 lbs til stg

I like thinspo too much

tehe... I like some thinspo TOO much
Today was a fasting day, and i got through the day. I slept when I got home. A two hour nap was well deserved after a long day at school

I need to get started on my anorexia notebook... just one problem... WE HAVE NO NOTEBOOKS IN THE HOUSE...

Well I'm gonna go for a bit girls and guys. I will talk to you later!
Love you all, think thin!

Thank God I changed

me yesterday

Me in feb 08

Me in sept. 07

god i was a fatty... i dont ever wanna go back to that again

Thoughts on Him/her

I see your face
around the corner
in my mind all I know is what you planted inside

I see your face
In the hall
all my friends ever talk about is you, I'm still hurt

I hear your voice
outside the doorway
You hurt me once, I wanted it twice

I hold on to your memory
I knew you once
My heart was broken, now you're big enough to run your own show

I didn't cry today
I was in control
when I think on you, I get sick
thanks for making me not eat
I hope you like... I like the first one

I'm not

By looking at Jaslene, I never want to eat again....


I like this one too

I LOVE Kate Moss


There you go... Hope you love me

what i want

5 feet 9 inches. male. 170 lbs.
current weight goal: 130 lbs
goal date: May 2nd, day before my bf's prom.
I just can't stop eating and was wondering what I could take that would surpress my appetite so that I don't have to be a fatty anymore?
Please e-mail me, austinsontv@hotmail.com